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Are Zam products mass produced?
No. We work in small batches made to order. Our team consists of three people; Chef Jafer who makes everything by hand, and his wife and son who handwrap the goods. His wife Christel is the photographer, and his son works the online storefront.

What makes Zam worth it?
Handmade artisan work made by one professional Chef using the highest grade of chocolate & ingredients there is, does come at a cost. We hand pick the nuts and fruits locally, and only use imported chocolate from France and Belgium, notably Valhrona chocolate. This craft of french artisan confectionary done at our level of expertise and precision is found nowhere else in the U.S, and we are proud not to shave off costs at the expense of product quality.

How long will my Zam Confections stay fresh?
By the time your confections arrive to you, they are at their peak freshness. Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservatives, artificial flavors, or compounds. If you will not be consuming them right away, we recommend storing truffles at a temperature between 58 and 60 degrees, just as you would store red wine. Refrigeration is not recommended ( except for Macarons and Caramels). Storage outside these parameters will alter the guidelines below.

1 week: for our baked goods and Macarons.
2 weeks: for all our Chocolate Products.
2 months: for our Pâtes de Fruits. 
3 weeks: for all our Nougats and Caramels

What is the best way to taste Zam Confections?
Serve Zam Confections at room temperature. This brings out the full character and bouquet of each chocolate. We recommend pairing with still spring water. Some of our collections are also carefully curated to pair well with certain red wines, whiskeys, and beer. Zam Confections is best consumed immediately.

Do you use certified Fair Trade chocolate?
Not at this time.

Are any Zam products certified organic?
Not at this time.

Are any Zam products certified kosher?
Our products are not kosher.

Are you in any retail store?
Not at this time. We fully operate online.