About Zam Artisan

Zam Artisan Chocolates & Confections was founded on Etsy in 2015 by Chef, Chocolatier, & Artisan Jafer and Christel, his wife, both born and raised in France. Since then, Zam has earned over 1,300 5-Star ⭐ reviews. Now with our official web shop, we hope you'll find it easier to shop our best sellers more than ever.

Zam Artisan uniquely specializes in handcrafted candies and artisanal chocolates found in the culinary canvas heritage of France.  Our curated confections are created in an old fashioned capacity, free of additives, preservatives, fillers, and GMO ingredients.  Chef Jafer devotes the time to forage and source the finest ingredients hand selected from locally grown farms.  At Zam Artisan, Chef Jafer devotedly work with the rhythm of the seasons by producing unmatched flavorings and achieving an unparalleled equilibrium of ripeness masterfully exhibited from Pâte to Palais.

Our chocolate is imported from Belgium, Italy, and France. We work in small batches made-to-order, and that's why at Zam you will taste the utmost quality. All Zam Artisan Chocolates & Confections are handmade by Chef Jafer and handwrapped by our team of two. Proudly made in a kitchen, not in a factory!

With an unmatched level of chocolatier perfection in every piece, we can count on your satisfaction.

About Chef Jafer

Chef Jafer grew up in the rural Beaujolais region of France with over 30 years of experience as a professional chef in New York and San Francisco's leading hotels and restaurants (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, SF. Polo lounge NYC, Claude Troisgros NYC, Patisserie Pilati, Roanne, France). Chef Jafer trained during his time in France with Pilati, Trois Gros, & other artisans. In recent years, Chef has worked as a private chef for some six high profile clientele. 

About Christel

I was born in Paris and I met Chef Jafer in July 2001 while he was visiting his family in France. In December 2001 I took a deep breathe and I left my country for an exciting unknown! We have been selling our French delicacies all across America for seven years.

Having a very sweet tooth, I couldn’t be happier to share Chef Jafer’s talent! At Zam we are creating and making our confections exactly the way our French confectioners do. Sit back, relax and enjoy!